Haiku by Millikin University Students
Published in 2003


dusty with cobwebs
the red boots rest
against the doorframe

by Candace Golden
Illinois Times, Jan. 2, 2003

Students in Millikin University haiku courses are encouraged to submit their original work to small press literary magazines and haiku publications. Several have had their work accepted, so we are please to share these published haiku.

These students had work published in newspapers, haiku journals or literary magazines in 2003:

Heather Aymer
Jane Millikin
Medea Mosxona
Candace Golden
Ryan Jones

Rachel Perry
Andrea Roewe
Eric Sharp
Beth Stiner
Angie Williams

Dear Millikin students and alums,

If you have had a haiku published somewhere or if I have missed your published work, please let me know and I will add you to this page celebrating the haiku published by Millikin students and alums.

send your updates by email to:
Dr. Randy Brooks


cool breeze
the evening drizzle
patters on the porch

by Andrea Roewe
Acorn, 10, April 2003


still two papers to go
[a] fly trapped
between windowpanes

by Ryan Jones
Acorn, 11, Fall 2003


listen to the silence
between us:
falling snow

by Angela Williams
Illinois Times, Jan. 2, 2003


grandma walks mindless
down the country road

by Heather Aymer
Raw Nervz, 9.2, 2003


Christmas eve
our presents already opened
by the cat

by Jane Millikin
Illinois Times, Jan. 2, 2003


clear spring morn:
I take a deep breath
of smog

by Elizabeth Stiner
Raw Nervz, 9.1, 2003


by Elizabeth Stiner
Raw Nervz, 9.1, 2003


jelly fish on the beach
the boy loses
his innocence

by Ryan Jones
Raw Nervz, 9.2, 2003


sunny field
of grass and cockleburs
the boy and his dog

by Ryan Jones
Modern Haiku , Fall, 2003


fragrant irises
the boy asks
where babies come from

by Ryan Jones
Heron's Nest, July, 2003


pearl-pink dawn
water laps
on the empty gondolas

by Rachel Perry
Modern Haiku , 34.1, 2003


rock in my shoe
are we almost there?

by Elizabeth Stiner
Raw Nervz, 8.3, 2003


no place to be
one snowflake
falls more quickly

Eric Sharp
Illinois Times, Jan. 2, 2003


wind outside . . .
a seranade
in gray

by Elizabeth Stiner
Raw Nervz, 2003


computer crashes
again . . .
spring rain

by Elizabeth Stiner
Raw Nervz, 9.1, 2003


bony broad shoulders
the spot
where his wings should be

by Medea Mosxona
Raw Nervz, 9.2, 2003


tequila shot
his face
grows more handsome

by Medea Mosxona
Raw Nervz, 9.2, 2003

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