Teaching Haiku Resources

spring breeze—
playing catch with my dog
in the yard

painting and haiku by Dominick Clem
      2nd grade
      Harristown Elementary School



Welcome to the teaching haiku resources web page. This page is currently under initial development, but the intention is to provide links and guides to resources for teaching haiku at all levels.

If you have or know of excellent resources for teaching haiku, please send this information to:

Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University
1184 W. Main
Decatur, IL 62522

email at: rbrooks@mail.millikin.edu

Centennial High School
Haiku Cut

April 2007

Following a Fulbright Memorial Foundation Scholarship to learn about Japan, Ms. Cynthia Helms invited Dr. Brooks to Centennial High School in Champaign, Illinois to conduct workshops on the art of reading and writing haiku with Mr. Stan Yanchus' creative writing students and interested students from across the school. Following the writing and editing workshops, there was a matching contest with the student haiku. We called the contest "HAIKU CUT" with teams competing for haiku book prizes.




Harristown Haiku
October, 2003

Ms. Kathleen Jansen had a Fulbright Scholarship to learn about Japan and invited Dr. Brooks and Millikin art therapy major, Jennifer Griebel, to lead workshops on writing haiku and painting sumie-like water color paintings.


walking by the creek
tracks in the mud
water rushing in

by Emily Pumphrey

Centennial High School
Haiga Cut

April 2007

Ms. Helms also invited Dr. Brooks to conduct workshops on the art haiga—which combines painting or photographs with haiku in Ms. Stacy Gross' advanced photography class. Following the haiga reading and editing workshops, there was a matching contest with the student haiga.

Download a copy of the HAIGA CUT powerpoint ppt file (3.2mb).


November, 1998


the warm barn . . .
cows mooing
chomping their cuds of hay

by Tara Burgett

High School Haiku
Teaching Unit Plan

by Molly Burns
Spring 2005

Prairieland Advocates
for Gifted Children Workshop

March, 1999


the river snakes
slowly eating eating
at the hills

by Meagan Hinze

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