Haiku Published in 2004


red-tiled roof

by Katie Steimann
Modern Haiku, Winter 2004

Students in Millikin University haiku courses are encouraged to submit their original work to small press literary magazines and haiku publications. Several have had their work accepted, so we are please to share these published haiku.

These students had work published in newspapers, haiku journals or literary magazines in 2004:

Katie Steimann
Penny Harman

Iris Lewis-Beasley

Dear Millikin students and alums,

If you have had a haiku published somewhere or if I have missed your published work, please let me know and I will add you to this page celebrating the haiku published by Millikin students and alums.

send your updates by email to:
Dr. Randy Brooks


forgotten days
in the garden
moss covered stones

by Iris Lewis-Beasley
Raw Nervz, Fall 2004


wedding quilt on my bed
my grandmother's love stitches
holding together 35 years

by Penny Harman
Haiku Headlines, Aug 04


the same cars
    z   by

by Iris Lewis-Beasley
Raw Nervz, Fall 2004


on cedar seats
moist heat
mists my worries away

by Iris Lewis-Beasley
Raw Nervz, Fall 2004

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