Haiku Published in 2006


yellow dandelion
i ask him
if he's happy


by Laura Podeschi

Inside the Mirror: the Red Moon Anthology of Haiku 2005, January 2006

Acorn, Fall 2005

Students in Millikin University haiku courses are encouraged to submit their original work to small press literary magazines and haiku publications. Several have had their work accepted, so we are please to share these published haiku.

These students had work published in newspapers, haiku journals or literary magazines in 2006:

Mark Beanblossom
Katie Burke
Stephanie Dietrich
Katrina Farris
Deirdre Fields
Ryne Inman

Matt Lee
Melanie McLay
Tena Myers
Laura Podeschi
Joane Weise

Dear Millikin students and alums,

If you have had a haiku published somewhere or if I have missed your published work, please let me know and I will add you to this page celebrating the haiku published by Millikin students and alums.

send your updates by email to:
Dr. Randy Brooks


the street minstrel
with his accordion
and a few teeth


by Melanie McClay

Collage, Dec. 2006


on his deathbed
Grandpa’s promise
to attend my wedding


by Katie Burke

Ginyu: International Haiku Magazine, Jan 2006


two left feet
I salsa anyway
just to see her smile


by Stephanie Dietrich

Modern Haiku, Fall 2006


old classmate
reintroducing myself
at dad's funeral


by Joane Weise

Raw Nervz, 2006


meeting strangers
I’ve known forever
grandpa’s funeral


by Tena Myers

Inside the Mirror: the Red Moon Anthology of English-language Haiku 2005, January 2006

Raw Nervz, Dec 2005


wild hair
and dragon breath
my child’s morning hug


by Katrina Farris

Raw Nervz, 2006


hands clasp tightly
move quick
past pretty girls


by Deirdre Fields

Ginyu International Haiku Magazine, Tokyo, July 2006

Laura Podeschi, a senior graphic design student, and Tena Myers, a PACE student, were both just published in The Red Moon Anthology of English-language Haiku. This is a wonderful accomplishment because the anthology is published each year based on a rigorous process of editorial nomination and blind peer review.

Each year, eleven editors review all of the current English-language magazines and books published, nominating the very best for inclusion in the Red Moon Anthology. Then the nominated anonymous haiku are sent to all of the editors for final votes. A haiku has to get at least 5 votes to be included in the anthology. So out of 1800 nominated for inclusion, two of 154 published were by our Millikin students, Laura Podeschi and Tena Myers. These haiku were written as part of their Global Haiku Traditions courses at Millikin. Laura's haiku was originally published in Acorn magazine (Philadelphia), and Tena's was published in Raw Nervz magazine (Canada). Now they have been anthologized in the 2005 Red Moon Anthology.

Congratulations to Laura and Tena!

Randy Brooks


stepping stones
deep in the water
the tops of houses


by Mark Beanblossom

Collage, Dec. 2006


from my lure


by Matt lee

Raw Nervz, 2006


the captive caterpillar
set free
crawls in circles


by Melanie McLay

Modern Haiku, Fall 2006


winter's ashes
God blooms

soulful breeze
carrying the aqua sky
we start a war


by Ryne Inman

Ginyu International Haiku Magazine, Tokyo, July 2006

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