Haiku Published in 2007


summer dishes;
drying her hands
on his jean cheeks


by Tracey Rapp

Raw Nervz Haiku
March 2007


Chinese New Year
the blind man
feels the fireworks


by Liz Hare

Bottle Rockets
Fall 2007

Students in Millikin University haiku courses are encouraged to submit their original work to small press literary magazines and haiku publications. Several have had their work accepted, so we are please to share these published haiku.

These students had work published in newspapers, haiku journals or literary magazines in 2007:

Mark Beanblossom
Traci Batchelder
Missy Brassie
Connie Cruz
Corrine Cullen
Ryne Inman
Katrina Farris
Alisha Goebel
Liz Hare

Matt Lee
Erica LaMarche
Rachel Morrison
Tracey Rapp
Carrie Seymour
Pat Steadman
Joanne Weise
John Wright
Amanda Young

Dear Millikin students and alums,

If you have had a haiku published somewhere or if I have missed your published work, please let me know and I will add you to this page celebrating the haiku published by Millikin students and alums.

send your updates by email to:
Dr. Randy Brooks


early morning sunrise
interrupted by rain
I turn to you


by Carrie Seymour

Bottle Rockets
Winter 2007


spring rain
we make
another compromise


by Rachel Morrison

Acorn 19
Fall 2007


miles between us


by Pat Steadman

Raw Nervz Haiku
March 2007


deep sadness—
her hair
smells different


by John Wright

Bottle Rockets
Fall 2007


and anxious
What is taking him so long?


by Alisha Goebel

Raw Nervz Haiku
March 2007


from my lure


by Matt Lee

Raw Nervz
March 2007


first winter
away from home
snowflakes on my coat


by Connie Cruz

Modern Haiku
Summer 2007


small town
my bicycle
knows the way


by Erica LaMarche

Modern Haiku
Summer 2007


my own
worst enemy
shares my face


by John Wright

Ginyu, 35
Summer 2007


no less powerful
the wrinkled page
of a Bible


by Missy Brassie

White Lotus
Fall/Winter 2007


warm Sunday afternoon
mom and daughter ponytails
chatting in the kitchen


by Traci M. Batchelder

Heron's Nest
September 2007


long day at work
red thong on the floor
that isn't mine


by Corrine Cullen

Raw Nervz
March 2007


stepping stones
deep in the water
the tops of houses


by Mark Beanblossom

Raw Nervz
March 2007


old classmate
reintroducing myself
at dad's funeral


by Joanne Weise

Raw Nervz
March 2007


Wild hair
and dragon breath
my child's morning hug


by Katrina Farris

Raw Nervz
March 2007


within a pine forest
one snowflake floating


by Amanda Young

Fall 2007


See the solo Kasen-no-renga "Loving the Bomb" published in the Fall 2007 issue of Collage.


by Ryne Inman

Fall 2007

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